Outstanding Analysis Tool

Master Market Analysis

Powerful charting features for easy trend tracking.

69 Chart Indicators

Multiple unique indicators to aid in-depth technical analysis

Multi-window Display

Nine charts on one screen, synchronized periods, drawings, and indicators

Order Flow Statistics

Leading order flow statistics for precise insight into market dynamics

Price Spread Charts

Customed mathematical formulas for market arbitrage opportunities

Customizable Time Periods

Tracking price changes from minutes to months

Technical Analysis

Built-in technical analysis with various templates, drawing tools, and data from 35+ exchanges

  • 100+ Preset indicators
  • Volume profile indicator
  • 20+ Pro version indicators
  • Real-time liquidation charts
  • 60+ Smart drawing tools
  • Non-programming pattern recognition

AI-driven interpretations

With just a single screenshot

  • Interpret candlestick trend

Ten Types of Alerts

Never miss any opportunity

Main Force Transactions

Track large order trading activities, and capture institutional investor trends

High-win-rate Strategy

Exclusive high-win-rate strategy analysis system for effortless quantified trading

Buy/Sell Signals

Customizable alerts for all tokens, accurate identification of buying/selling points

On-chain Tx

Monitor whale transactions on the blockchain, foresee market trends in advance

Custom Indicators

User-friendly visual programming tools for custom indicators

Massive Data Sources

get access to massive data sources for quotes, alerts, and indicators

Main and Sub-chart Displays

Comprehensive technical analysis for clearer market insights


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Real-time alerts to capture every market opportunity

On-chain Data Analysis

Analyze smart money movements from massive blockchain data.

Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Leverage big data to analyze fomo sentiment on social media, uncover potential high-growth tokens

  • Intelligent sentiment analysis
  • Identify smart money holding addresses
  • Real-time tracking

Whale Trading Tracking

Track whales' money movements on CEXs

  • Early insight into token price volatility
  • Discover alpha opportunities sooner
  • Faster execution of trading decisions

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