• Paxos, a provider of blockchain and tokenization infrastructure, has recently received preliminary approvals from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) of Abu Dhabi. The company stated that these endorsements are crucial steps for Paxos, enabling it to issue stablecoins pegged to the U.S. dollar and introduce crypto brokerage and custodial services in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM).

    • In the wake of Kyberswap, a decentralized exchange (dex) platform, suffering a $47 million loss due to a cyberattack, the perpetrator indicated a readiness to engage in negotiations. Yet, despite expressing an openness to resolution, the hacker lamented encountering primarily “received (mostly) threats, deadlines, and general unfriendliness.” They warned that if such hostility persists, the Kyberswap team might face delays in resolving the issue.

      • Economist Peter Schiff has warned that the U.S. dollar is &#8220;on the verge of a historic crash.&#8221; He stressed that there won&#8217;t be a soft landing for the U.S. economy, predicting a &#8220;c</strong><strong>rash &amp; burn&#8221; scenario. Schiff highlighted the potential for increased inflation, rising interest rates, and elevated unemployment. &#8220;The economy is weaker than the Fed thinks and the result will be larger budget deficits and higher inflation,&#8221; he noted.

        • Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has recommended buying bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Warning that the global economy is slowing to a possible depression and the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve will print trillions in &#8220;fake dollars,&#8221; he urged investors: &#8220;Don’t be caught sleeping like most Americans. Take action now.&#8221;

          • Standard Chartered Bank has doubled down on its bitcoin price forecast of $100,000 next year with increased optimism on the timing. &#x201C;We now expect more price upside to materialize before the halving than we previously did, specifically via the earlier-than-expected introduction of U.S. spot [bitcoin] ETFs,&#x201D; the bank&#x2019;s analyst described.

            • In a six-month roadmap unveiled on Nov. 29, the <a class=\\\"lar-automated-link\\\" href=\\\"https://buy.bitcoin.com/bnb/?utm_source=News\\\" 312009 target=\\\"_blank\\\">BNB</a> Chain development team said it is targeting 10,000 transactions per second and fees of $0.001 on the layer two (L2) solution Opbnb. Sometime between 2024&#x2019;s second and third quarters, the objective will be to lower the gas limit per block increase from 100M to 200M.

              • The now-inoperative crypto lending firm Celsius has announced the opening of withdrawals for select &#8220;Eligible Custody Users,&#8221; as declared in a recent statement on Wednesday. These custody account holders now have the opportunity to withdraw approximately 72% of their cryptocurrency assets, with the deadline set for February 28, 2024.

                • On Wednesday, Northern Data Group, headquartered in Frankfurt and specializing in bitcoin mining, disclosed that its subsidiary, Taiga Cloud, has secured a significant acquisition of about 8,200 Nvidia H100 Tensor Core Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). These newly acquired units will complement Northern Data&#8217;s current collection of artificial intelligence (AI)-oriented hardware, following their previous acquisition of 10,000 Nvidia GPUs in September.

                  • PRESS RELEASE. </strong>ZKSpace has recently announced two significant developments: its expansion into the BRC20 ecosystem and the unveiling of its Tokenomics 2.0 Trilogy.</p> <p><strong>Expansion into the BRC20 Ecosystem:

                    • Recent market data reveals a significant surge in the AI-focused cryptocurrency sector, with its value ballooning by nearly $2 billion in just under two weeks. A major contributor to this growth is the token bittensor (TAO), which soared 86.5% in the last fortnight.

                      • The price of bitcoin is hovering just above the $38K range after a bullish trading day on Tuesday following U.S. Federal Reserve Governor Chris Waller&#x2019;s dovish speech. Bitcoin&#x2019;s 24-hour range has been between $37,156 to $38,450 and it currently has a market capitalization of around $745 billion.

                        • Canaan Inc, the crypto miner and mining rig producer, said the company&#8217;s overall revenue in Q3 stood at $33.3 million or some $40 million lower than the Q2 revenue. According to the company&#8217;s CEO, stagnant bitcoin prices and rate hikes by the U.S. Federal Reserve were some of the key factors that contributed to the decline in revenues.

                          • Animoca Brands is now TON blockchain&#8217;s largest validator and will henceforth &#8220;provide funding, research, and an analytics platform.&#8221; The software company said Animoca&#8217;s collaboration with TON further reinforces its commitment to the latter&#8217;s ecosystem. The Animoca Brands chairman said the investment in TON underscores his organization’s desire to help onboard the next million Web3 users.

                            • Circle, a payment services company, and SBI Holdings, a conglomerate of financial companies, have partnered to bring liquidity services for the use of USDC, one of the largest stablecoins in the cryptocurrency market, to Japan, and promote the local use of stablecoins in the Web3 industry.

                              • Tron blockchain founder Justin Sun has rejected suggestions that his protocol is increasingly being used by terrorist organizations. Sun said Tron&#8217;s top priority remains maintaining decentralization as well as making sure users&#8217; assets remain safe. A new report suggests that between July 2021 and October 2023, Israel&#8217;s National Bureau for Counter-Terror Financing (NBCTF) seized 143 Tron wallets.

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