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  • Market dataMarket data
  • Professional KlineProfessional Kline
  • Early warningEarly warning
  • Onchain dataOnchain data
  • Community NewsCommunity News
Market data

Our market data service allows you to grasp market dynamics at a glance Every dimension provides you with in-depth market insights. Track the main large orders and see through the flow of funds Sectors have insight into industry trends, and indices grasp the pulse of the market , just to make your decision-making more scientific

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  • special_list_func
    Special list

    List of 13 special contract spot data, making currency selection more convenient

  • market_ranking_func
    Market value ranking

    Ranking of total market capitalization of all currencies

  • large_orders_func
    Main large orderPro

    View the large transaction orders of the main funds.

  • sectors_func

    View the performance of different industry sectors and conduct industry analysis.

  • watchlist_func

    Select the trading pairs you want to follow and easily grasp important market information.

  • manage_groups_func
    Manage groupsOptional

    Edit and manage existing self-selected groups and adjust them according to needs.

  • platforms_func

    View data from different trading platforms and perform comparative analysis.

  • index_types_func
    Various indexes

    Check the market index to understand the overall market trend.

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AI intelligent interpretation

Just a K-line chart

AI interpretation report

Interpretation time: 01/05 16:54

AI's 1-hour price trendrise

Premium trading points

  • Kline trend interpretation
  • Provide the best buying and selling opportunities
  • Multi-indicator prediction order
  • Position Management
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